Psilocybin Testimonials - Transformation Guaranteed
Nick D

“Everybody who was on this journey is looking for healing, but it’s not just an “A-ha!” moment, it doesn’t just happen and it’s done. What they focus on here is actually how to make this experience sustainable and how to integrate it back into your life. I’ve been given the tools that I need to go back into world and be the best version of myself.”

Kelly K

“I think the worst thing about the experience is that I have to go home. I’ve never felt more safe… More safe than, you know, being at home. From start to finish the experience with Evolution Retreats was perfect. In so many ways it felt like it was exactly made for me.”

Diane S

“I felt prepared and at ease going into the experience. During the actual journey I’ve felt really, like, held… I felt very nurtured and very cared for during this experience which really allowed me to sort of get out of my own way and just make the most of the experience that has been incredible.”

Jennifer D

“What I can say about Tensing Pen and this environment here – this island and this space in particular is absolutely a sacred space. Everyone that’s here has the best intentions, they only want what’s best for us, to support us in our respective human journeys regardless of what we’re showing up with and what things we’re hoping to work through.”

Our Approach to Psilocybin Retreats
The Evolution Retreats program utilizes a holistic and individualized approach to psychedelics. Our methods include elements of psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, and wisdom traditions. Each client is guaranteed a personalized experience that transcends a single ideology, and is appropriate for their life situation and personal development. With the natural elements of our host resort Tensing Pen in Negril, our Jamaican psychedelic retreat lets you escape from the stresses of everyday life.
To ensure the sustainable results of our practice, we emphasize the processes of preparation and integration – providing opportunity for real change.

At Evolution Retreats, you can leave the stresses of everyday life behind. We promise an all-inclusive experience at the highest rated boutique resort in Jamaica, Tensing Pen, located upon the beautiful shores of Negril. Listen to the waves of the Caribbean Sea while our highly trained staff guides you through your personalized psilocybin experience.


When you book your psilocybin experience with us, we take each step of your journey seriously. After you have been cleared by our medical and clinical guidelines, you will begin a personalized experience with a facilitator. You will also be provided an Evolution Retreats workbook that will help you prepare, guide, and integrate your psilocybin experience.


With our program, you will be guided by our facilitators from start to finish to assure the best possible results. With Evolution Retreats, our facilitators will be available to you after you leave Jamaica, to ensure that you are able to take the best of your experience and integrate into your everyday life. Our goal is nothing short of life contentment and fulfillment.


We take full responsibility as part of the Third Wave of the psychedelic movement when it comes to psilocybin retreats and psychedelic therapy. Evolution Retreats offers an inclusive education program for clinicians & therapists. Joining our efforts with major players in the psychedelic field, we promote responsible and ethical ways of working with powerful psychedelics for human betterment. The leader of our educational division is Zach Leary.

Head Facilitator Zach Leary's Testimonials
Sarah M

“Zach doesn’t pretend to be anything other than he is – a loving, intelligent and wise soul who will create a container for your explorations to reveal themselves exactly as they are meant to.”

Peter L.

“During my sessions with Zach, I didn’t get what I expected. Instead the rewards far outweighed by own mundane expectations. The medicine does for you what you can not do for yourself.”

Lalita D.

“Doing medicine work with Zach is a soulful, gentle and worthwhile experience. But it’s not for the casual explorer. You will go deep into the nature of Self”

Why Evolution Retreats?

At Evolution Retreats, we create a neutral and non-judgmental space for psilocybin ceremonies. We employ the wisdom and experience of the world’s psychedelic cultures and traditions, but the program does not promote any one philosophy in particular. To ensure our clients get stable and reliable results from our psilocybin retreats, we believe in applying the scientific method to psychedelics, basing our program on research and experience.

Our host resort Tensing Pen immerses you in Jamaica’s beauty on the coast of Negril, enhancing the therapeutic container beautifully. Surrounded by the unique island ecosystem and set on top of beautiful limestone cliffs along the Caribbean Sea, Evolution Retreats offers the perfect opportunity to disconnect from everyday life while exploring your inner life.

Our team specializes in psychedelic transformation. With decades of combined medical and underground experience working with psilocybin and psychedelics in a therapeutic setting, our professional facilitators provide a perfectly curated experience at our Jamaican psychedelic retreat. Combined with cutting-edge psychotherapeutic methods and practices, they’ve paved the safe path for your wellbeing and happiness.


Psilocybin increases neuronal connectivity in the brain, allowing for a physical reorganization of thought patterns and the behaviors based upon them. The psychedelic retreat experience not only provides an opportunity for self-realization, but also stimulates the neuroplasticity to implement concrete change in the brain. Professionals on our team are there to ensure that the change is positive and lasting.

At Evolution Retreats, we would be honored to guide you through your psilocybin experience. Please take a look at the upcoming dates below and consider which works most conveniently for you.

Evolution Retreats March Program

Saturday, March 11th – Friday, March 17th

Evolution Retreats May Program

Saturday, May 13th – Friday, May 19th

Evolution Retreats June Program

Saturday, June 24th – Friday, June 30th

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Benefits of psychedelic therapy

Guided psychedelic experience is the most effective technology for healing the human psyche according to the latest research. This method is known for its rapid action and its capacity to treat a wide range of psychological vulnerabilities. However, the power of this practice exceeds its therapeutic properties, making it possible for even those who are not suffering to gain benefit from psychedelics. The experience itself offers invaluable insight into oneself and the inner workings of one's psyche, offering serenity through understanding. Our program was developed to ensure that one is ready to receive and incorporate these insights.
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Evolution Retreats offers a premiere Jamaican psychedelic retreat experience for those seeking to expand their consciousness and grow in understanding and wellness. Our hosted psilocybin retreats feature guided mushroom trips amidst the beauty and splendor of natural Jamaica, along with consummate hospitality in a perfectly curated setting. We are honored to facilitate your transformative psychedelic retreat in a warm, trusting, safe environment where our patrons thrive and delight in their life-changing psilocybin experience.

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