Customized and Refined Personal Transformation VIA PSILOCYBIn
Experienced Guides and medical professionals

Our team, which includes psychiatric providers, therapists, nurses, and experienced guides, has designed our program to be safe and effective. It was meticulously crafted to be the ultimate tool for personal development and healing.  Evolution Retreats has combined medical and direct experience working with psychedelics with cutting-edge psychotherapeutic methods to pave a safe path to your wellbeing and happiness.

Our guides come from different backgrounds, psychedelic and therapeutic. Experts at working with non-ordinary states of consciousness, they bring their experience and passion to curate the best journey for you. They are always there to help you navigate the mysterious depths of the psychedelic experience and to provide you with essential knowledge and support. You will be assigned a guide based on your application who will best meet your needs and they will guide you throughout the process of transformation.

group integration

The importance of sharing your experience with your guide and companions is paramount. In Western culture, psychedelic traditions were either transformed beyond recognition, lost or destroyed. Psychedelic experience is mighty, the majority of participants in the psychedelic studies claim that experience is one of the most significant moment in their lives. It is often compared in magnitude to the birth of a first child, finding true love, or an organic mystical experience. The sheer novelty and depth of the experience places it out of context of ordinary day-to-day life. This is why Evolution Retreats has constructed the ultimate care package, easing you into the space of change and back out of it in a manner that allows you to engrave your psychedelic transformation as cornerstone memory.  A major part of that is group integration.

Evolution Workbook

We have compiled a unique collection of preparation and integration practices and made it into our workbook. Condensing decades of experience with psilocybin in a therapeutic setting, it’s your best companion on this journey. Serving as a basis for preparation and integration work with your guide, this book will provide you with everything you need for a success in your personal transformation.

Importance of following the step-by-step instruction presented in our workbook can’t be overexaggerated. Therapeutic usage of psychedelics has a long and wild history, and Second Wave of psychedelics that happened in USA mid-1900’s has proven that these types of experiences are best conducted within a safe therapeutic container. Our workbook is devised to be the ultimate therapeutic container, aligned with the structure of our whole program and specifically constructed to facilitate your transformation.

How does it work?

When you apply for our program, you are screened to evaluate your psychological condition, medications, medical conditions, and other factors. To further ensure safety and positive outcome, you will be double screened by your assigned guide and our therapists. Before you land in Jamaica to have your actual experience, you will be engaged in personal and group preparation sessions with your assigned guide.
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Therapeutic support

Powerful healing, mind-altering substances aren’t for casual everyday use. Employing methods of rapid personal transformation can be quite expensive as well. These are two factual and very physical reasons why Evolution Retreats accents preparational and integrational practices. Research shows that the state of mind in which you enter psychedelic space is critical for the experience. Entering the space is often compared to diving and described as “increasing the depth of perception”. We are here to make sure that the infinitely deep waters of your mind are safe to enter. We will help you navigate your currents, map out underwater rocks and make sure that the psychological “weather” is good for smooth sailing.

During The PSILOCYBIN Retreat


Preparation is about making your body and mind ready for journey into psychedelic space.
After you book your journey with us, you will be introduced to our staff and assigned into a group with a guide. You will receive a care package from us; it includes your workbook along with personalized instructions from skilled professionals. In weekly personal and group sessions with your guide you will explore the workbook, receive relevant information about psilocybin and resolve any concerns that might arise. Together with your guide and group you will explore your intentions on this transformational journey to ensure it’s positive and sustainable outcome.

The Journey

Psilocybin sessions are conducted in a private, secluded, and safe outdoor space, rich with the beauty of nature and the comfort of technology. Your assigned guide will help you navigate the experience, arranging it in accordance with your set goals and intentions. Ultimately guides are present for your safety, comfort and wellbeing, and the experience itself is between you and psychedelic space you’re going to enter. At the same time, seeing you through the lens of experience and expertise, our guides are always ready to step in and direct your journey.


The process of integration will begin with structured sessions where you will have the opportunity to share your experience and its insights, as well as the option to hear about the experience of others. It’s the beginning of the real changes in your life. These integration sessions allow your insights and revelations to form into a comprehensible plan on how to functionally implementing them into your daily life.

Reflecting on your journey in a friendly, relaxing, and benevolent environment is a big part of integration. Aside from sharing with your group, you can always have a private session with your assigned guide and/or therapist, if you feel the need for a private conversation.


 To ensure lasting positive changes, we follow up immediate integration on the resort with group and personal sessions online. It’s not uncommon to see psychedelic realizations develop and grow with time, and in that time, we will be there, always ready to help and respond to your needs in either group or individual setting.

Group setting and individual approach
Psilocybin journeys followed humanity from early, pre-literate ages. Artifacts found by archaeologists throughout the world indicate that psychoactive mushrooms always were treated with reverence and used in a sacred group setting. We are following the footsteps of these ancient traditions and conducting our transformational journeys in a group setting as well.
However, to ensure your privacy and safety, we value you having a personal space as well. When working with Evolution Retreats you always have a private space and the opportunity for a private conversation with your assigned facilitator and/or psychotherapist. We have combined the benefits of individual and group approach to psychedelic transformation into one program with sole purpose of bringing about your prosperity, happiness, clarity of mind and peace.
If you feel that your situation requires the ultimate individual approach, you can always book a private session or program with us. However, alternating private and group experiences has proven to be the most effective for personal transformation. Especially in present western culture, where we have traded community and tribe for space and luxury. Our private lives do not negate the need of shared experience. Sharing and bonding are the basis of many therapeutic practices. The Psychedelic journey is to dive into the unknown and forgotten depths of one’s own mind, and it’s always easier to take the leap with fellow companions by your side.
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Evolution Retreats offers a premiere Jamaican psychedelic retreat experience for those seeking to expand their consciousness and grow in understanding and wellness. Our hosted psilocybin retreats feature guided mushroom trips amidst the beauty and splendor of natural Jamaica, along with consummate hospitality in a perfectly curated setting. We are honored to facilitate your transformative psychedelic retreat in a warm, trusting, safe environment where our patrons thrive and delight in their life-changing psilocybin experience.

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