The PSILOCYBIN Experience

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Get settled, meet our team, converse with the members of your group and other guests. Rest after your flight, explore the location and get ready for your first psilocybin ceremony.



Start your psychedelic experience with a lighter dose to test out the deep waters of your mind. Witness the primal beauty of fire in a special ceremony.



Relax and savor your settings. Share, discuss and recollect your first psilocybin ceremony. Collaborate with your facilitator on how to integrate your experience into everyday life.


Continue your psychedelic transformation with an increased dose. Explore futher into the depths of your mind.


Participate in general integration session with all of our guests. Afterwards, enjoy the amenities at Tensing Pen Resort or join one of our spectacular tours.


Take optional 3rd venture into the psychedelic space, relax at the resort, or opt out to explore the island along with our long list of additional recreation activities.


Participate in the final integration ceremony to bring your Evolution experience home and take off the island with a new perspective.
Beauty of nature

Just viewing scenes of nature reduces fear, anger and stress, and at Evolution Retreats we employ therapeutic qualities of nature to their full extent. The unique setup of the Tensing Pen Resort offers a enthralling experience – secluded and meticulously kept gardens situated on limestone cliffs rhythmically serenaded by the waves of the Caribbean Sea . Being here is already a contribution to a physical and mental wellbeing. Your journey with Evolution Retreats will always be shaped by the best of Jamaica’s natural splendor, calling you to forget your everyday routine and enjoy the present moment.


The garden of the Tensing Pen Resort, maintained and elaborated for decades, creates a vibrant sensation of living in a tropical forest of paradise. The unique Jamaican ecosystem provides for unforgettable sensory experience. Wake up to the aroma of flowers and singing birds and enjoy the ocean breeze under the canopy of trees.

You can feel comfortable immersing yourself in it as it guaranteed to be free of mosquitos.


The ocean waters, stretching for as far as the eye can see, merge with the sky on horizon, presenting an unforgettable panorama. Beyond the placating views of the ocean, we also believe in it’s therapeutic qualities. We encourage our clients to float buoyantly in the salty Caribbean Sea to soak in its healing properties.  The sea is safely accessible via ladder or a jump for the adventurous. 

If you are just looking to cool off or relax, enjoy the ocean view from Tensing Pen‘s salt water pool. Experience seekers can take a ride in a glass bottom boat, embark on a boat tour or dive into the crystal clear waters with our professional diving team – your stay with us is your opportunity to explore all the ocean’s grace.


We ensure group compatibility and every one of our clients is profiled by a mental health professional. Basing on our judgement of the results, we create ceremony groups of three people to ensure maximum benefit for each member. Every group is assigned one of our highly qualified and diverse Group Facilitators, that will accommodate the needs and specifics of each dynamic. Parallel to that, there is an optional schedule of events conducted in the whole group – allowing you to reflect and share your experience with the beautiful minds of other participants, if you so choose. You will always have the freedom to choose the extent you participate and interact with each group and activity – while having a supportive and inspiring network available at all times.

“Unlike other widely used recreational drugs, certain psychedelics aren’t reliably addictive. It’s not an easy drug escape if that’s your goal.”


“The idea psychedelics liberate some of these powerfully valent, deeper emotional areas of the brain—the limbic areas involved in memory and emotion—to have their say is consistent with what people are reporting”


“I think as we’ve learned more about how the brain works, we began to realize that these are potential tools for research purposes and might be clinically beneficial”

“It’s almost as if the brain for a period of time goes offline and then recalibrates in an enhanced state”

“Psilocybin Therapy produced rapid and large reductions in depressive symptoms, with most participants showing improvement and half of study participants achieving remission through the four-week follow-up”

“You shake up the brain, you see things in a more positive way, and then you lay down those positive circuits with the neuroplasticity,” he added. “It’s a double whammy.”

“What we have access to are medicines that have been used, tried and tested for thousands of years”

“It’s almost as if the brain for a period of time goes offline and then recalibrates in an enhanced state”

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Evolution Retreats offers a premiere Jamaican psychedelic retreat experience for those seeking to expand their consciousness and grow in understanding and wellness. Our hosted psilocybin retreats feature guided mushroom trips amidst the beauty and splendor of natural Jamaica, along with consummate hospitality in a perfectly curated setting. We are honored to facilitate your transformative psychedelic retreat in a warm, trusting, safe environment where our patrons thrive and delight in their life-changing psilocybin experience.

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