Psychedelic Studies - Masterclass

After two years and 60 students meeting entirely virtually, the Psychedelic Studies Intensive is evolving into its next phase. The July cohort will not only continue to have its core teachings taught online, but an additional week has been added that is 100% experiential with Evolution Retreats in Jamaica. This is done in partnership with Evolution Retreats. You will get the opportunity to experience two legal psilocybin journeys and gather in person with me to put these teachings into practice.

This is an incredible opportunity to gather in community and to learn some of the essential knowledge surrounding the history, use, science, research, and modern applications of psychedelic assisted therapy and harm reduction methods in the spirit of cognitive liberty.

The eight weeks of online learning are perfectly complimented by one week of experiential legal psilocybin assisted therapy at Evolution Retreat in Jamaica. Here you will take the in-class teachings and see them applied to a real world setting while also experiencing the magic of the plant medicine.

Please note: While the legal landscape is constantly changing within the psychedelic space, please note that this program is designed to serve as a harm reduction method and takes a psycho-spiritual approach to psychedelic assisted therapy and overall psychedelic medicine studies. It by no means certifies you as a medical professional or certifies you in any legal capacity to work with these medicines

Week One

Understanding you and your role – what a guide does and establishing your own “set”



Week Two

Client types, intakes, assessments, and clearance protocols



Week Three

Psychedelic compounds – various types, their histories and dosage protocols



Week Four

Understanding the science – explorations in psychedelics effects on the brain, our neurochemistry and physiology


Week Five

Client sessions – creating a blueprint, tips for holding space, and infusing ritual and spirituality



Week Six

6.1. Challenging Trips – what to do and not to do

6.2. Successful Trips and how to make sense of them

Week Seven

Role playing, guide and seeker exchanges and mock sessions

Week Eight

Integration – MIR methodology and why integration may be the most important element in psychedelic healing


Experiential at Evolution retreats:

The experiential will include two legal psilocybin journeys in a group with a 3:1 journeyer/facilitator ratio. You will go through the entire preparation process which includes intention setting and mapping out the blueprint for your own experience and dynamic deep dives into both individual and group integration meetings. Jamaica is a wonderfully authentic and magical setting that makes for a near idyllic setting for your psychedelic experience and all around holistic healing.

The Masterclass option for the course is limited to twelve students and is pricing starts at $6500, which is dependent on lodging options. Class size is limited and has a thorough application process which is done in two parts.

To apply for the online portion of the class, please click here. When you have completed that please apply for the experiential week by clicking here. Please try to do both portions at the same time in order to provide continuity.

Also included in the course:

No matter what stage of the psychedelic journey that you are on, we are confident that this course will convey information and teachings that are appropriate for you. Whether you are currently a licensed therapist, a medical professional, an experienced psychonaut, a harm reduction advocate, or just a curious cultural seeker – there is room for you in this ever expanding community.  

  • Numerous peer-reviewed studies from sources including: MAPS, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Imperial College of London and others
  • Complete downloadable versions of essential psychedelic texts from Dr. James Fadiman, Terrence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Rick Strasman and others
  • Comprehensive video library that uses some of the most essential psychedelic talks from recent years
  • Workbooks, questions and study guides to help the student along the course
  • Collaborative online workspace: ASANA (project management Software) is used to share boards, module syllabi, reading materials, video links and white papers
  • Ongoing access, group and individual break-out discussions with Zach Leary as well as access to our other psilocybin facilitators

Mental and traditional health care is transforming. “40% of American adults report struggling with mental health or substance abuse disorders. Psychedelics may provide solutions to the global mental health and wellbeing crisis.”

Join us and be at the forefront of this transformation!

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