At Evolution Retreats, we would be honored to guide you through your psilocybin experience. Please take a look at the upcoming dates below and select which works most conveniently for you.

Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Dates Coming SOOn!

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Most of your day will be spent traveling to Tensing Pen in Jamaica. We encourage you to relax upon arrival and join us for dinner and tea if time and energy allows.



Get settled, meet our team, and bond with your fellow travelers. Explore  tranquil Tensing Pen, get a massage, and join the opening ceremony and activities in the afternoon.



Start your psychedelic experience with a lighter dose to test out the deep waters of your mind. Embrace the support of your team and take in the sunset at the end of your journey.



Share, discuss, and recollect your first psilocybin ceremony. Collaborate with your facilitator on how to integrate your experience into everyday life. Discover Jamaica’s natural splendor on a tour.



Continue your psychedelic transformation with an increased dose. Explore further into the depths of your mind. Together we can help you find the peace and vision that you desire.



Partake in group and individual integration sessions to digest and process new wisdom. Afterwards, relax  at Tensing Pen or explore a waterfall, beach, or the ocean. 



Participate in the closing ceremony to bring your Evolution experience home and leave the island with a new perspective.

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Evolution Retreats offers a premiere Jamaican psychedelic retreat experience for those seeking to expand their consciousness and grow in understanding and wellness. Our hosted psilocybin retreats feature guided mushroom trips amidst the beauty and splendor of natural Jamaica, along with consummate hospitality in a perfectly curated setting. We are honored to facilitate your transformative psychedelic retreat in a warm, trusting, safe environment where our patrons thrive and delight in their life-changing psilocybin experience.

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