Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound that has been used for social and ritual purposes for millennia – the First Wave of psychedelics, per se. Psilocybin enhances the functionality of the brain, altering perception of the world and self. These altered states can be tremendously beneficial for the individual and society, but are best used responsibly.

The Second Wave of psychedelic culture, most famously associated with the “counterculture” and “hippies” of the Sixties, was marked by abuse of psychedelic compounds, which contributed to a ban of all psychedelics, including psilocybin, by many governments.

Currently we are witnessing the Third Wave, which is focused on therapeutic usage of psychedelic compounds. Mycotherapy is a growing science – defined as the study of the use of extracts and compounds obtained from mushrooms for medicines or as health-promoting agents. The efficacy of psychedelic transformation is no longer disregarded by medical professionals. In the USA, Europe, and Canada – medical usage of psychedelics is gathering steam as well as large capital investments. Mycotherapy retreats such as those offered at Evolution Retreats are also growing in popularity.

Honorable MIND Research & Knowledge Exchange Associate Robin Carhart-Harris devised an innovative model that explains psychedelic transformation from scientific standpoint. This is a neuropsychological model that is rooted in brain studies. Its key points are:

Hierarchical predictive coding

As we mature into adults, our brain is affected by the life experiences we have had. It learns to predict future in accordance with our previous experiences. For example, the outlook of a psychologically traumatized person is almost always pessimistic, and results in overlooking positive events and opportunities. And vice versa, if someone rarely experiences the hardships of human existence, they can overlook real and present dangers and problems.

It can be said that our brains, by trying to help us navigate the world around us, bias our perception of reality. Instead of observing our circumstances as they really are, we are creating a model of reality based on distorted data. The fastest and most reliable method for realigning ourselves with a healthy view of reality is a curated psychedelic experience.



The free-energy principle

Human brain is expensive in terms of the energy it consumes. The brain uses energy at 10 times the rate of the rest of the body per gram of tissue. It’s only natural that it has its own energy saving mechanisms. The brain is physiologically reluctant to redefine its model of its surrounding reality. Every change takes effort and energy which is often resisted biologically. Everyone has encountered this energy-saving principle when trying to form new habits, learn a new language or skill, etc. Simply put, we have evolved to be creatures of habit.

The entropic brain hypothesis

How can we naturally change the brain’s stubborn status quo? Rigid thought patterns and states of mind like depression and OCD are characterized by the near complete absence of spontaneous activity in the brain. This is where psilocybin comes into the equation – fMRI scans of human brain affected by psilocybin show that the entirety of the brain lights up with spontaneous activity. On a psychological level that means the chance to redefine the model of reality into a healthier, empowering and more exciting version. A chance to realign the self, dispose of destructive thought-patterns and habits, set new goals and expectations and more. Psilocybin offers that opportunity in a 6 hours, how incredibly efficient!

The entropic brain hypothesis
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Clarification by Evolution Retreats Team

Therapeutic support is as important as experience itself. To use the psychedelic experience to its full extent, it’s strongly advised to take preparation and integration very seriously. Without strictly following a preparation/integration protocol, your brain will be unable to support and strengthen newly formed neural pathways and will fall back into its previous sustainable model of functioning to conserve energy.

Forging Cutural Support
Indigenous traditions and cultures never had an issues with the psychedelic experience being separate from their social and personal life. It’s inherently embedded into their society, so that your family and friends are simply your  “integration group”. However, in the Western cultures, use of psychedelics and traditions related to it are still young.  A cultural lineage and wisdom from our elders hasn’t had a chance to flourish or be shared widely. Psychedelics was  stigmatized and suppressed for decades, leaving many without the framework or support to successfully make sense or use of the experience. We have a precious opportunity to regain lost wisdom and create something new.
Psychedelic renaissance

Now that the stigma is starting to fade – it is becoming clear psychedelic transformation is the most effective method of personal healing and growth, proven by studies and testified from reputable pillars of society.

Still, it’s not yet accepted to a point where your “big integration group” can be comprised of just your family and friends. Therefore, at Evolution Retreats we create integration groups of our own. Having the benefits of small and big groups at the same time creates a safe environment for sharing and reflecting. It also makes you a part of reestablishing a psychedelic culture, where you can lead your friends and family by example with a more peaceful and healthy way of living.


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