Day Two of Your Psychedelic Retreat Week at Evolution Retreats – Exploring Tensing Pen & Replenishing For The Week Ahead

Jamaica Mushroom Retreat

At Evolution Retreats, our Jamaica mushroom retreat offers a rare and transformative power to all guests who venture to this beautiful, sunny space. Your life, our expertise and the remarkable capabilities of our psilocybin therapy equals your evolution. Through each unique day at the retreat, you’ll gain a new awareness and understanding of both the world and yourself that can be truly life-changing.

Each day of the week with us at Tensing Pen will set your mind at ease and relax your body so that you’re able to experience and participate fully in our psilocybin ceremonies which form the heart and core of our spiritual retreats. In addition to mushrooms, you’ll also experience morning yoga and guided meditation sessions—among other rejuvenating activities.

Here’s what you can expect on Day Two of your psychedelic retreat with us

Once settled-in at Evolution Retreats the evening before, guests will receive a delicious breakfast and refreshing hour-long yoga session that will stretch any stiff muscles from your travels the previous day, ensuring that you are ready for an exciting and inspiring experience ahead.

After yoga, guests are encouraged to explore the beautiful amenities and picturesque cliffs of Tensing Pen Resort. Crystal blue waters and an endless open sky await you for your viewing pleasure for half an hour on the second day of your retreat. Absorbing the tranquil beauty and vibrations of nature is a great precursor to your first psilocybin experience.

Next up is lunch, followed closely by the official Retreat Opening at 3:00pm in the Seasong Hut. Guests will return to the Seasong Hut at 5:45pm for a Guided Meditation Session performed by one of our trained facilitators that will help you relax and delve deeper into your mind to ultimately transform your inner self.

After meditation and a unit preparation session, the evening offers a tasteful dinner at 7:20pm to help guests connect and prepare for a peaceful night’s rest before the next day of the retreat truly begins.

This day is meant to replenish your resources after travel, help you comfort among your fellow journeyers, and make sure that your body and mind are ready for tomorrow’s psilocybin ceremony. We highly advise that you book a full body massage on Day Two in order to relax and release the tension from your body.

7:30AM-9:15AM Breakfast Time

9:30AM-10:30AM Morning Yoga

11:40AM-12:00PM Property Tour

12:30PM-2:30PM Lunch Time

3:00PM-4:00PM Retreat Opening

5:45PM-6:15PM Guided Meditation Session

6:30PM-7:10PM Unit Preparation Session

7:20PM-8:30PM Dinner Time

Come and join us and experience evolution in Jamaica

True peace and the healing power of mushrooms awaits you in gorgeous Jamaica. With a myriad of relaxing activities and transformative experiences to offer, we welcome anyone who wishes to visit Evolution Retreats with open arms! To visit one of our psilocybin retreats by yourself or with a small group of intimate friends, you can contact us to get more information and an understanding on how our psilocybin retreats work.

If you’re ready to experience psychedelic transformation in a safe, legal, nurturing and natural environment, please complete our application form and set get ready for one of the most powerful moments of your life. Our experienced professional facilitators will take great care of you and guide you on calmly on your mushroom journey.

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