Learning and Growing with Psilocybin, Hallucinogens, and Emerging Psilocybin Therapy

Learning and Growing with Psilocybin, Hallucinogens, and Emerging Psilocybin Therapy

Have you heard the saying about how you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? At Evolution Retreats, we believe that euphemism is obsolete!

A New Age, A New Era for Therapeutic Psilocybin

As we mature, our ability to learn and adjust to the ever-evolving nature of reality decreases. It’s common knowledge that natural human neuroplasticity slows to a crawl after around 25 years of age, with little differences depending on the individual’s lifestyle. It appears that we are evolutionarily hard-wired to know and completely comprehend our environment before we are 30.

The modern world is rapidly changing in a whirlwind of information. One hundred years ago, human beings were able to learn the information and skills required of them before they were 30 – and it would last them for a lifetime. Sons took up their fathers’ ways, and the world kept spinning. Now it seems like we are waking up to a different reality every few years. Professions rapidly change, some of them vanish. Scientific advancements take place at a breathtaking speed, social norms and traditions mutate, and the Internet acts as a global hive mind that is an embodiment of the constant flow and sum of the changes.

How can we keep up with such fast-paced change? Should we?

Is there a way to reignite neurological growth in adults?

Psychedelic Medicine – Trials on Psilocybin

Psychedelic Psilocybin is known for its neurogenerative qualities and profound effects on mental health and psychological support. There is no shortage of psilocybin research or data backing the practice of psychedelic therapy and the efficacy of its usage for many depressive symptoms. Outlined in the clinical trial presented here, this study indicates that a single dose of psilocybin leads to long-lasting increases in spine density and spine head width in the medial frontal cortex of the brain.

In simple terms, psilocybin is a psychedelic compound that allows the brain to rearrange its neural networks. What are those networks? It’s a human being – personality, experience, skills, memory, and so on. A single dose of psilocybin starts rapid and persistent growth of new connections in the brain, and it allows the brain to unlearn the traits no longer of use, as well as acquire new ones efficiently.

But it’s not only about the therapeutic effects of psilocybin. In the process of learning, dendritic spines formation and dendritic spines elimination are two equally important phenomena. This means that psilocybin only functions as a catalyst to the Evolution Retreats program, a compound that makes change possible. But the change starts long before drug administration, long before the actual effects of psilocybin.

Psilocybin Therapy Sessions – The Use of Psilocybin

In our program, we combine the natural neurotrophic qualities of psilocybin with therapeutic techniques, which allow our clients to realign with their in a benevolent manner. We offer “personality editing” in its most modern and powerful form. Is there a lingering memory that keeps you up at night? Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? With psilocybin-assisted therapy, you get the chance to cut the emotional ties to those painful past associations. Struggling with motivation to learn new skills and information? You get the chance to dismantle your inner obstacles in the way of your goals. The potential for change is only limited by your own imagination.

Upgrade yourself – the Evolution Retreats program offers you the ability to fine-tune your mind and realign yourself with your current state of affairs on your own terms.

Pretty exciting, right? Let’s get started on the path to You 2.0. Please begin our process by completing our application form.

Do you have questions first? We will answer them! Please contact us here to have a conversation.

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