Day One of Your Psychedelic Retreat Week at Evolution Retreats – Welcome & Relax

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Day One of Your Psychedelic Retreat Week at Evolution Retreats – Welcome & Relax

At Evolution Retreats in beautiful and sunny Jamaica, your life plus our expertise plus the remarkable, transformative power of our psilocybin mushroom therapy equals your evolution – a new awareness and understanding of the world and yourself that can be truly evolutionary.

Each day of the week with us during your psychedelic retreat is something truly special and memorable. The natural surroundings, the balmy tropical climate, the outstanding environs and hospitality of Tensing Pen will set your mind at ease and relax your body so that you’re able to experience and participate fully in our psilocybin ceremonies which form the heart and core of our spiritual retreats.

Here’s what you can expect on Day One of your psychedelic retreat with us.

Evolution Retreats often welcomes guests from all around the globe. Considering the different flights and ground transfer logistics, our visitors arrive throughout the day so the on-site activities initiate officially at 7PM – giving all our guests time to arrive and unwind.

On this day, after your international flights, weary travelers are welcomed to rest and refresh themselves in the loving embrace of Tensing Pen Resort. The first day of the retreat offers visitors two separate preparation sessions to get ready for the week ahead.

If you arrive in the morning, we encourage you to unwind and settle into your new environment. Tensing Pen is one of the top-rated eco-resorts in the Caribbean region, and you are most welcome to explore the amenities, take a swim in the pool or ocean, and enjoy the delicious cuisine. We also recommend revisiting your workbook, as your psilocybin journeys are going to start the next day!

5.30PM-7PM Dinner Time

7PM-8PM Common Preparation Session

8PM-9PM Unit Preparation Session

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? And the best hasn’t even begun to be described yet! If you’re curious as a reader about one of our psilocybin retreats for yourself or even a small group of your intimate friends, you can contact us to get more information and understanding on how our psilocybin retreats work.

If you’re already sold on the idea of psychedelic transformation in a safe, legal, nurturing and natural environment, why not complete our application form today and set the ball in motion for your own personal experience with Evolution Retreats? Our trained and experienced, professional facilitators will take great care of you and guide you on your journey!

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