Salon Brings a Magical Trip to The Holidays This Year with Its Coverage on The Psychedelic History of Christmas

Santa Claus and fly agaric

We came across this interesting article recently in Salon online – a good deal of the reporting is conjecture, and the writer seems to be taking some pretty big liberties with some of the origins of beloved Christmas traditions such as wrapped presents and even pine trees, but the ideas of Santa Claus as a shaman and reindeers as magic mushroom consumers “flying high” during the holidays are interesting takes on these traditional holidays tropes we’ve all grown up with our entire lives.

Quoting from the article:

It almost sounds sacrilegious to mix psychedelics and winter festivities, but there’s actually a fair amount of historical evidence that suggests modern Christmas was borne out of trippy traditions. From flying reindeer to presents and ornaments to the bearded man with the North Pole address, a ton of iconography overlaps with indigenous psychedelic shamanism in Siberia and northern Europe …. Some historians argue that Santa Claus is actually a “magic” mushroom shaman, as indicated by his red and white outfit. It resembles the psychedelic fly agaric mushroom, a fungus as bright red as Rudolph’s schnoz sprinkled with white flecks like snow. Drawing on this and other evidence, quite a few scholars subscribe to theories that numerous Christmas traditions spawned from pagan psychedelic rituals, even if it’s not a mainstream belief.

Since psilocybin ceremonies are a primary aspect of our psychedelic retreats we hold monthly in beautiful (non-snowy) Jamaica here at Tensing Pen, we thought we’d share this Salon article with you as our way of “making merry” this holiday season, where ever you happen to be located currently as this present year starts to come to its end.

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Happy Holidays from Evolution Retreats!

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